03/04/2014 Happy Easter!
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13/03/2014 General Catalogue Heliflex 2014
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Featured products:
heliflex iceflex
heliflex aspiração ind
helivil acetileno
helivil oxigénio
helivil ar 20 premium
heliflex pu metal
  From the spring to construction  
  From the spring to the land  
  From the spring to the garden  
Welcome to the Heliflex World!
Who we are?
Heliflex is in the market as a manufacturer of pipes, hoses and irrigation systems, which define the 4 business areas: Heliflex Casa-Jardim (Home-Garden), Heliflex Agro (Agriculture), Heliflex Tecno-Indústria (Techno-Industry) and Heliflex Construção (Construction).

A plant in Portugal, with 22 active extrusion lines, with ability to extrude 16 million meters of hose/year, in a total of 5000 tons per year, divided into 60 different ranges of products, with 28 areas of use. Heliflex has 5 branches and the brand is present in 4 of the 5 existing continents. These are the numbers that characterize and identify Heliflex.
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